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Scarves - Folly Bloom's UK gift shop of handmade brooches, jewelry, bags and scarves.

These simple, stylish scarves come in a collection of natural earthy colours and are perfect for this seasons wardrobe.

A elegant and tactile gift idea for any age or why not just treat yourself to a well deserved gift?

Looks chic with black outfits or for a more relaxed team it with denims.

Beautiful, everyday, multicolour striped scarves.


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Ways to tie a scarf.

'Ways to tie a scarf'

This was actually written in the 1960's by Sears! I think every girl needs a print out of this cheat sheet! Look at how many different ways you can tie a scarf! My fav and one that I'll probably be trying soon is #19. I guess the first three doesn't count but I wanted to include it because these are the basics to start you off. You can view the previous link for detailed tying directions.