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About Folly Bloom's gift shop of handmade gifts.

 Handmade, designed and sourced by me. ♥ 

I am a creative woman with my man, our 4 cherubs and our busy home,

so I find this my biggest inspiration to share with you.

Folly Bloom is Emma. x

On the year I turn 41, ekk, I am loving Instagram! #follybloom

I love to craft, sew, cook and bake with my busy 'helpers'!

Sewing in the sunshine!

#follybloom on Instagram is full of daily, quick, busy pics. 

Folly Bloom blog 

Folly Bloom's blog is full of weekly ramblings and life.

 I am a 'fabricholic' so collect bundles of pre-loved, found, sourced and lots of interesting fabric. My other indulgence is being outside. I love to plant seeds or Mum's cuttings and watch them bloom or wilt!. 

 Folly Bloom garden   

Gardening offers family fun! Well I love it and they will!! 

In our garden, you can be active, relax, spend time together with family and friends and drink wine! 

Growing vegetables or herbs teaches children that plants, like people, need food and water to grow and stay healthy. 

Watch this turf...

folly bloom home

Our family home is our lovely Victorian terrace house with lots of lovely features which is my dream home and this inspires me in everything opulent. The door is open and I hope everyone feels welcome.   Thank you for popping by all things Folly Bloom.

Love & cake

Emma. x

Folly Bloom home.